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What To Look For In A Plastic Surgeon

The surgery may be cosmetic or reconstructive. Whether you choose to undergo this type of surgery, or you must do it for some reason, choosing a qualified surgeon will help you achieve the results you’re looking for. Look for the following when choosing a plastic surgical specialist for your treatment: the surgeon’s experience, qualifications and certification, learn more.

A surgeon who hasn’t been trained specifically in reconstructive and plastic surgery is still able to perform this procedure. The cosmetic surgery industry has grown and many surgeons are running surgery clinics with little to no training. Make sure you check out the qualifications and experience of any surgeon you may be considering.

A plastic surgery graduate should be from an accredited school. A plastic surgeon is required to be certified in the field of plastic surgery. Licensing as a plastic surgeon requires that the individual has received extensive plastic surgery training. This includes a residency, hands-on experience and additional training. Some surgeons decide to only specialize in reconstructive or cosmetic surgery. Such surgeons are usually highly trained.

In order to be licensed, a plastic doctor must meet the bare minimum of qualifications. If you want to find someone with more qualifications, look at those that are ASPS certified. They have passed the American Board of Plastic Surgery certification. ASPS Member Plastic Surgeons need to be at least six years in training and have surgical experience within a training institution, plus an extra three years experience. Member plastic surgeons must adhere to the ethical and professional standards set by their society. Find someone that is certified to give you confidence. This person has undergone constant scrutiny by the medical community and keeps up with current practices.