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A Facial Plastic Surgery Rewinds the Clock

In today’s world, we all want to look more youthful. Fashion faux pas include wrinkles, sagging and aged skin. The “wonder’ creams and anti aging lotions that you may have used do little to stop wrinkles from appearing on the face, learn more.

The motion in your face, and muscles beneath it, is what causes wrinkles. Botox can be a great solution, but it is the subject for a different article …)

How do you remove the lines that are forming and eliminate the sagging of your skin? This is where facial plastic surgery can give the most lasting results.

There are many different types of facial plastic surgeries, and not just a traditional facelift. It depends what areas of the face you’re trying to improve. You can find a comprehensive list of different surgical procedures that will help you to achieve your personal fountains of youth.

Face Lift
Although there are many facelifting techniques, they all work to give your face a glamorously smooth look by stretching the skin. This method starts with an incision made in the hairline. It extends all around your ears. The skin is then pulled away from the muscles beneath and pulled upward. The facial tissues and excess skin are then repositioned, sometimes even built up. Finally, the skin at the incision is stitched together.

The swelling, bruises, and discomfort that may occur after a cosmetic facelift will require a couple of days for you to recuperate. You can easily fix it with some relaxation and lots of sleep. Good news: once the healing is complete, the incision will blend into your hairline. You’ll look much younger with this procedure than any other.